7 Sex Positions During Pregnancy

While there isn’t a definitive list of allowed or prohibited positions during pregnancy, there are considerations to keep in mind. In the later stages, the classic “missionary” position is generally not recommended due to its potential to exert excessive pressure on the abdomen and restrict blood flow to the abdominal organs. Moreover, it tends to be uncomfortable for both partners. Ultimately, comfort is key—if you’re comfortable, then the position is suitable for you as a couple.

Embrace pregnancy as a time for exploration and experimentation in your intimate life. You now have the opportunity to explore new experiences that you may not have considered before. These newfound positions may become favorites, even after the baby is born. If you’re seeking fresh ideas for intimacy during pregnancy, consider these positions:


1.Side lying, man from behind: Lie on your side and let your partner enter you from behind. This position, particularly effective in the third trimester, is comfortable and alleviates pressure on the abdomen and bladder. The shallow penetration makes it suitable for increased cervical sensitivity.

2. Side lying, face to face: Lie facing your partner and allow them to place their leg over yours as they enter you at an angle. This position enables you to control the speed and depth of penetration without requiring much energy. It fosters intimacy as you and your partner can maintain eye contact during intercourse.

3. Woman on top: Have your partner lie down while you position yourself on top. This position grants you control over the pace and angle of penetration without straining the abdomen. For added comfort and energy conservation, you can support yourself with your hands on the bed’s headboard.

4. Edge of the bed: Lie on your back at the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor and elbows slightly propped up. Your partner kneels on the floor (ensure something soft is underneath). This position allows the woman to control her sensations by moving her hips without bearing her weight.

5. Doggy style: This familiar position can be maintained during pregnancy. Communicate with your partner about pacing and comfort levels. Among sex positions during pregnancy, this one offers deep penetration without pressuring the bladder and uterus.

6. Standing, man from behind: Approach the wall, lean against it with your hands, and slightly spread your legs. Allow your partner to stand behind you and enter you. This position offers similar advantages to the previous one and introduces variety to your intimate life.

7. Reverse cowgirl: Have your partner lie on their back while you sit on top facing their feet. This position enables you to control the depth, angle, speed, and rhythm of penetration. It may also stimulate the G-spot, potentially leading to a more intense orgasm.






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